Larry came into the real estate field with the advantage of solid, developed skills in finance and development. He had worked several jobs in these fields and had a partnership with his father, who worked as a general contractor. During the 1990s, Larry even had his own equities company, investing in various companies. It was only after he'd gained all this experience that Larry decided to get his real estate license and open up GP Real Estate Co.

GP Real Estate Co. deals with the entire Ventura County area and works with all levels of clientele, from first-time home buyers to luxury investors. A boutique company, they are proud to be small because it enables them to be flexible. Due to the high level of customer service they provide, they've built a very strong name for themselves.

Larry has built a team of experienced real estate professionals who are not only experts in the Ventura market with clients throughout the community, but also represent a variety of backgrounds and specialties.

The team is known for their listing skills and expertise. Larry has put an emphasis on competitive and effective listing as a specialty service within the company. Their listings specifically address each property's situation and utilize the most effective of many promotion options. Homes are advertised in Home & Land, Gold Coast and other regional and local publications. Signage, broker tours, target mailings, open houses, and all social media outlets are a staple of the firm's listing marketing services. Each listing is marketed nationwide through the most powerful search engines available, attracting inquiries from agents and buyers searching for relocation or investment opportunities.

GP specializes in investment properties, especially single unit homes which can be expanded into apartments. Larry has worked on dozens of projects of this type over the years and has become a noted expert at identifying investment properties for himself and his clients. He has a steady stream of repeat and referral customers who rave about his skill in this very competitive market segment. Once a property is purchased, he can bring together all the resources needed to renovate or remodel the structure.

Community service and involvement is very important to Larry and he made sure to prioritize it within GP. He and his other agents view community service as an investment in the community that has been so good to them and their families. Projects they have been involved in range from beach clean-ups to school literacy programs to sponsoring City of Ventura projects.

Every aspect of Larry Krogh's business and life focuses on integrity. His personal and corporate motto reflects this ideal ? A Broker Believes Your Integrity Defines You. Not only will he stay true to you and your goals, but he'll show you how to have fun and enjoy the whole process!

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